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Multicultural Youth Support Services (MYSS) is a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to build resilience in young people who come from marginalised multicultural communities.  Supporting young people primarily within the African communities of  Victoria. We’re focused on facilitating connections and deliver practical and culturally appropriate services that strengthens our young people’s sense of belonging, and achieves positive outcomes for families.

Guided by our vision that young people from refugee families are engaged, resilient, and thriving, we are:


  • Community centred by offering responsive and culturally appropriate services developed and led by our community
  • Focused on achieving outcomes supporting resilience for young people with refugee backgrounds
  • Collaborative with the community and partner organisations
  • Holistic as we recognise the importance of families and the community in raising resilient children; and
  • Responsible to those whom we serve, our refugee communities and partner organisations

Young people from multicultural backgrounds have enormous potential to be active participants in and contributors to Australian society.  However young people experience settlement in ways distinct from adults, and as they navigate through life, growing up with cross-cultural knowledge, multilingual skills, adaptability and resourcefulness can be impeded with significant barriers such as negotiating cultural identity, disruption to schooling, difficulties in accessing mainstream support groups and discrimination.

The work of MYSS also connects to the broader work with the South Sudanese Australian and other African communities across Victoria, and as we continue to partner with local organisations we acknowledge and thank the support of Department of Education and Training, City of Casey,  Federation University, and  Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet for their ongoing support.

It’s through our partnerships that our young people, and their families will continue to access resources and knowledge maximising the positive impact determined by the community, for the community.


For those helpless childrensand people who need it every minitues.


CEO and Founder
Peter Aguto - MYSS

Peter Aguto

Born in South Sudan, like so many others Peter was forced to escape from his birthplace due to the civil war and sought safety in another country.

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Board Member
Mary Olaniyan _MYSS

Mary Olaniyan

Led by an inherent belief in young people as well as their ability to make change in their lives, Mary has been with MYSS since the conception of the vision in 2014.

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Board Member
Danyal Diallo - MYSS

Danyal Diallo

Coming to Australia Danyal found it hard to get along, he always felt this sense of displacement- living in a new country.

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